About Amity Harris

Amity Harris has been an online Femdom personnal since 1990. She refers to herself as one of the "Old Net Folks" and is proud of her history of cutting-edge online experience and contributions.

Why is this Site Free?

Amityworld.com has always been a free site and Amity hopes it always will be. Through gracious hosting from The Stockroom, who believes as she does that free speech ought to be free, Amity has been a noted Femdom writer for more than 15 years. This Web site is aimed at men and women who believe in safe, sane, consensual and adult decisions and sexual / sensual "play."

The Care and Feeding of Amity

Although Amity has never (and will never) demand "gifts" or "tributes," some readers wish to thank Amity for her tireless work in bringing Femdom stories, imagery and discussion to this open forum. If you choose, Amity has two wishlists:

Amity will be in touch with everyone who sends an appreciation gift.

Amity's Other Books

Amity has written 2 more books, one of which we expect to be published in early 2008. The first one is an all-female-staff slave facility in the 'middle of nowhere,' in which men are brought to face who they really are - nothing more than potential slaves for women.

The second novel, Mule and Amity's Bedtime Stories, is in the middle of revisions and we hope to make the novel available in late 2008.

Photos and Drawings

Amity has featured many well-known as well as up-and-coming photographers and artists on her site. With millions of monthly hits, she can provide a forum for the artistic side of sexual and sensual discovery. If you are an artist who wants his or her work showcased, be sure to email Amity with samples and permission to post your work. She'll be in touch to confirm your permission and will be happy to post your quality work.

A Note about Photography

Ever since Congress started meddling in the online world, Amity has been reluctant to post even artistic photographs that are explicit representations of sexual activity. A few years ago, she chose not to publish any photographs at all and moved to displaying drawings instead. Until Congress decides to take its hands off the free and open exchange of ideas and art, please do not send photographs for posting on this site but please send illustrations and computer-generated graphics that are in good taste and of interest to this site's viewers.